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Cats & Kittens

Although cats are very good at looking after and caring for thie own fur, sometimes they are simply unable to.  Many long haired breeds, particulary with a thick coat find it almost impossible to de-shed themselves. Elderly, overweight & sick cats have a real problem keeping themselves clean which can be quite distressful for our feline friends, and that's where we can help. 


Short haired cats also benefit tremendously from a full de shed, which removes  the dead hair.

Grooming Services include;

  • Full groom includes, bath, brush, blow dry, ears & eyes cleaned, nail trim and facial or sanitary trim if required.

  • Dry brush or de-shed with optional use of dry cat shampoo

  • De-matt brush out ( please note we can only do this if the matts are loose and not pelted to the skin)

  • De-matt shave down

  • T-Bar sanitary trim

  • Nail Trim

Our goal is to have a soft clean untangled/matt free cat.  However despite gentle handling some extremely matted cats may need the intervention of a veterinary surgeon due to their behaviour or a pelted coat that is beyond the help of groomers.


If a cat shows signs of distress, the grooming process will stop immediately and will advise the owner to pop the cat in for pampering sessions to climatise  to the grooming process.

All cat grooming is within a dog free salon and appointments are often late afternoon.

Dog grooming

From simple nail trims to full grooms

Cat Grooming

brush outs to full grooming

Ultrasonic teeth Cleaning!

Non invasive, no brushing Tatar removal


Look at some of the dog/cats groomed at the salon